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Sammy-Jo Wallace

Waitress / Daughter / Artist / Tattoo lover

A 10 Step Guide To Staying Positive During a Global Pandemic:

1. So by this point you’ve heard there is a Global Pandemic—remember not to panic. Try to remember the good old British saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

2. Swiftly realise you work in hospitality and may lose your job due to closure. Remember to take a deep breath and only cry a little bit, it’s not like you have adult responsibilities such as rent and bills to pay. Suddenly realise you do in fact have adult responsibilities. I guess, Keep Calm and Carry On?

3. Your place of work only closed for a short duration! Realise you’re going to be working again. Happy dance if you deem it necessary. It is necessary.

4. While reopening, watch as the world is changing around you. Do not panic. You are not alone in this.

5. Feel grateful that you are still able to work and earn money. Although the rudeness and selfishness of some people makes you feel as though you’re an inch tall, do not let this get you down. Smile and show kindness to everyone. You don’t know what people are going through.

6. A lot of people you know are going to be affected by the virus, whether it be losing jobs, loved ones, homes, anything really. So you must take every comment and every bit of pain with a light-hearted touch. We will all get through this stronger and with more of a sense of community.

7. Always smile. A friendly smile can make someone’s day. You never know how much they need it.

8. Go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Being outdoors is great to clear your head and breathe. Video call family and friends. Make the effort with people you love and care about.

9. Don’t stress over the small things. You’ll run yourself into the ground if you get upset and frustrated by small, minor things. You have 86,400 seconds in a day, don’t let something that lasts 60 of those seconds ruin your whole day.

10. Remember that kindness costs nothing. Always be kind to yourself and to others around you.