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Title: Stoicism needed in large amounts! Pandemic crashes the party, wondering if things will ever be the same!?

Your Review: 2020, a funny year, not in the “ha-ha” sense unfortunately, but rather in a bash your head softly against a wall, hoping that you will soon awaken and chuckle about this odd dream. Definitely a year of acute reflection and navel-gazing of the highest order, where too much time locked up has meant we were forced to look deep within. For me this was a welcome period where I confirmed that yes I do like myself, and my girlfriend for that matter, for my business, a hotel...not so much, but there too, positive discoveries were made and true colours were uncovered.

A strong sense of perseverance, stoicism and resilience has surfaced and reminded me that I have had to strive to reach this point and if I need to reinvent myself again, if I need to rise from the proverbial ashes once more, then by Jove I will. Good things have come of 2020:

We no longer use cash, and the Government has astonishingly given us all money. People stopped talking about Brexit for a while, and yes, Black Lives Matter, they matter a lot. All things that I never would have thought possible in 2019. Yet so it is. With US elections pending and the Biden / Trump Spitting Image puppets being readied for deployment, I can only hope that sense prevails and the Russian hackers have a power outage on November 3rd, allowing us to awake from the odd dream, fuzzy, but content, not angry and apprehensive.

Was your experience: Romantic Family Business Solo Other? Er . . . definitely “other”.

Would you do 2020 again?: Only if I had the same people around me, would not go back there on my Jack Jones.

Could you say a little more about it? If normalcy returns to the USA, i.e. rampant, imperialist capitalism and not fascist, pitchfork waving madness, and we get a vaccine for COVID-19 soon, then I will upgrade my review rating to 3 stars or “average” for 2020. As it seems that some adversity is not always a bad thing, particularly in measured doses. If anything, 2020 has taught me that we are stronger and closer than we thought we were, humans can be humane again, we sometimes need some adversity to remind us of who we are, and the fragility of our lot in life.