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Phoebe Over

Singer / Songwriter

I’ve always been bad with words. I end up saying the wrong thing. Therefore, I’ve collated some words that I’ve written to myself this year. I like that I never have to explain myself after playing a song, because everyone is too caught up in relating it to their own lives that they don’t even think about why I wrote it. I think my songs speak for themselves and it’s been a difficult year, but I’m looking forward to seeing what next year can bring.

January - But as friends get older. And people change with age, it’s not the same.

February - You’re baggage, your ex’s are savage, and I’ve done too much damage. Since you let me inside your holdall bag.

March - Mistakes can happen but is it fate? Or is it a lesson from the gods to start thinking straight.

April - And I know the relapse, comes worse at night, so bring me sunshine so I don’t ever lose the light. And I know the worst thing is the way you feel my hair, so break your fingers just to show that you don’t care. Cause I’m rolling up to rehab, See what lovers they have, I’m so sick of you in my veins. Try to take a new drag, Flashes me right to back to how, you’re my favourite pill.

May - We get updated, outdated, frustrated cause, if we aren’t wanted we’re waiting to see what’s to come. And if we make it, we’re hated and slated cause once rotated it seems that our time is up.

June - Life has two meanings I do know that. Turn to religion and find my path, cause clearly I’m rubbish at reading my map, and I’ve gone down the wrong road again.

July - No one takes advice from another, just gotta be there when the water breaks. And I know that I sound like a mother, but I see her in my own mistakes.

August - Heard a baby cry, but it wouldn’t be mine cause the things I lost are more than what’s inside.

September - Text to you, Text to me, it’s the modern way to be. Do you even remember my birthday now? Swipe for you, Swipe for me. See my recent snap story. A photo says a thousand words but I want to say 1001.

October - Why can’t I see into the future? Just have to live it out and wait. Why can’t it be that I don’t care what anyone has to say?

November - I’m sick of hating everything I do. If not on TikTok, the wrong clock, I’m so not cool.

December - It seems that cards get thrown away, so give me your time at any point in the day. Because Christmas is more than just materials, I’m really not like that. Think works got to our heads and now I’m writing a list of things that I really don’t need, Just stop a second and listen to me please?