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Logan McGhee

Fitness coach / Opportunist

Allow me to describe 2020 in one single sentence: A year of reflection, opportunity and reward.

Yes you read that correctly. Despite all the horror of 2020, ranging from the Australian bush fires, Prince Harry ‘quitting’ the royal family, the horrific injustices surrounding George Floyd and so many lives equal to us all, and the forever present Covid-19 pandemic. We were told by our own governments we were not allowed within 6 foot of our loved ones, resulting in the world having never been more physically distant, but at the same time never more universally connected. This has allowed us all, and me personally to reflect on what it is that really is important in my life, and how lucky I am to be in the position I am.

I have an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Universalis which is where the body’s immune system attacks its own cells. Mistaking hair follicles for an invader, resulting in hair loss. They say if you lose 80% of your hair, it is unlikely it will ever grow back. I have always believed that illnesses can be caused and cured by what we put into our bodies. Health has always been at the forefront of my mind, being an active individual and passionate about nutrition, it has always left me confused as to why I suffer from Alopecia. After countless research and personal experience, I found that combining nutrition, exercise and Vitamin D aids hair regrowth.

People worldwide were locked down in concrete jungles with no beaches, no beautiful parks and let’s face it, without our stunning Jersey weather, which got me thinking differently.

Despite the daily outdoor time restriction, I used every opportunity to combine that Vitamin D fix with exercise in order to see the affects it would have on my health. Soon enough my hair was growing at incredible rates, and not only that but I felt happier and more hopeful of the future in all aspects of life.

All of this gave me a different perspective, and inspired me to live the life I love. This meant committing to my lifelong dreams of becoming a strong runner, excelling in football and last but certainly not least, studying fitness and nutrition and expanding my knowledge on all things health and well-being.

Fast forward 7 months, I am an active runner having never been healthier in my life. I was awarded Jersey Premiership footballer of the year, and finally pursued my dream, starting my own business Logan McGhee Fitness, undertaking my personal training and nutrition qualifications. Striving to achieve great things including life changing results for clients, whilst taking this opportunity to study the human body and give myself the nutrition I need to further aid my hair re-growth. Losing my hair has allowed me to grow as an individual and gain more self-confidence, so I will always will be grateful for this.

I have turned what has been the most uncertain period in all our lives, into hope and determination. You never know what is around the corner, so appreciate those around you and chase what you truly believe in.

So, what will your single sentence of 2020 be?