50 / 55

Jess Perchard

Deputy, St. Saviour


anxious I’ve been anxious.

Anxious for her,
anxious inside,

anxious for my community, anxious

angry I’ve been enraged.

Enraged by the selfishness of some, just some, Some with money,

Some with power, retreating, retreating retreating into it; Wining, dining, buying all the toilet roll;

Just some.
Looking after others shouldn’t be so hard.

repulsed I’ve been shocked.

politic politic shock shock I would have . . .

I would have . . .
I would have . . .

I would have saved them. Tried to, strived to;

I might have saved them.

You don’t understand little girl,

you don’t You don’t understand

YOU don’t.

the myth

It’s hypothetical The first.

wheezing ventilators, strained breath, a choke, scared, afraid, alone

alone It’s negligible

recover, relapse, can’t breathe, depressed *pat pat pat*

Am I dying? #treat yourself!

Anxiety Anger Rage Repeat

the hope

Unformed, but brewing, a conscious choice To feel better.
Finding faith in fewer folk
Shaping the course of history.