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George Moore


Meet George, our youngest child – he’s just turned eight years of age. He’s a kind thoughtful and caring young boy.

George has a lovely relationship with his sister Charlotte and is a very popular boy with both school and with the neighbourhood children. He chooses his friends carefully and remains very loyal to them.

We know that he is secure and content in his world of home, school friends and hobbies. He loves “Fortnite”, is ace on his scooter and is growing in confidence meeting new challenges in a positive and enthusiastic manner.

In reality, life for George post March 2020 remained on an even keel. He is a child of his times. Covid 19 prevented his holiday abroad that summer to France, birthday parties ceased, school closed but within his bubble George remained secure. Paternal Grandparents had not able to visit since December 2019. They live in the UK and usually help out in school holidays. This gave the opportunity for George and Charlotte to re-engage with close family who live a distance from them.

However, the world has changed phenomenally and it will surely impact on George and his generation. We as adults have witnessed change on a biblical scale, the speed of change has been insane! The world the youngsters are entering is fraught and unknown: health, wealth, BLM, the economy, racism, inequalities, global warming, the list goes on.

They are the generation who will have to deal with the future, the generation and their children’s generation who will have to shoulder the huge financial impact of Covid 19. The generation who hopefully will look at the global world with fresh eyes, embrace the need for change, adapt and work together as a global community to address some of the big issues of our times, many of which have been brought to the forefront during the pandemic such as Breonna Taylor’s death which highlights social injustices the world still continues to experience..

As George moves into his teenage years we hope that he will continue to develop and grow into a young man with positive attributes and outlooks to meet the challenges of such an ever changing world in the 21st century. Our Covid 19 world in 2020 is a polarised society and it requires change. George and his contemporaries will be the drivers and instigators of such change. We as parents are very proud of our son and the young person we see emerging. We have no doubt George will make a positive impact on the society that he lives in.