29 / 55

Elizabeth Talbot

Designer / Writer / Cold-water swimmer

Dear Elizabeth

2020 has proved you can swim with me through anything. That life is like one long swimarathon. You know you can find the right stroke to suit your mood and energy, one that will get you through the lowest and darkest of days. The overwhelming wonderful feeling your body and mind experiences as it enters the beautifully cold silky sea: the tingles; the chills; the release; the thrill; the freedom; the blue space; the eternity; draws you into its mysterious calming magic where you come alive. Where you celebrate life, where you heal, where you grow, where gratitude greets you, where you reflect and where you feel deeply connected to your core.

Breathe. Swim. Swim through your days even when you’re not in water. Dive in, dive deep, dive into the dark and unknown, let yourself get lost, surrender to everything. Let the sea always hold you in her embrace, let her guide you, soothe you, no matter where you are. Be open to receive. Be open to let go. Breathe.

Some days you’ll tread water. You will feel like you’re going nowhere soon, and you’re not. You’ll get used to feeling stuck, but you’ll learn to float and flow with the highest and lowest of tides. You’ll find a new groove and rhythm. You’ll let yourself reset and bond deeply with your family and surroundings.

Some days you’ll fly through the water where nothing can stop you, not even the negative thoughts occupying that crazy mind of yours – they fool you no longer. Surrender to them, they don’t own you, you’re in control. Trust. Head down, breathe, stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe, stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe. Repeat. You can now let yourself be. Relax. Nothing to hide, nothing to hide from. Surrender, surrender even more into a meditative moving state. Now you are where you can lose yourself. Where you are free. Where you’ve never felt so at ease and peace. Stillness. Where your world is fluid and light. Where nothing else matters other than where you are and what you are doing at that moment. Where the here and now are all you have; you understand that more than ever.

When you feel out of your depth, you can breathe and swim back to shore, to solid ground, with strength and confidence, returning to yourself. You know you can do hard things. The sea is filling you up with life, adventure, resilience and hope. With that mindset, 2020 is rough water waiting to settle, nothing lasts for ever. Keep mentally and physically swimming through life with me, weightless yet stronger, determined and full of salty love.

Love the Ocean (ultimately, Yours Truly, Elizabeth)