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Brian Mann

Founder, The Collective

I have spent my career uniting the creativity and digital sectors, so when I gave a speech at our 2019 office Christmas party, I predicted that this year would be outstanding for business. With technologies advancing and new creative ideas coming through thick and fast. Even the digits ‘2020’ suggested a clear view to a balanced future... Whoops! I got that wrong.

In fact, it’s gone far beyond my prediction. The human race has just seen unprecedented technological, creative and social boom. The world has stepped up and created a new mode of working. It’s saved commuting time, increased productivity, ushered in a new era of mass telecommunications and, best of all, created a better work-life balance. Even nature started to heal while our activity chilled.

Like the rest of the world, I have used lockdown to create a new positive normal. I spent quality time with my family, exploring parts of my island I didn’t know existed. We even found a sign in St Lawrence that said “Beware of the Squirrel” - only in Jersey! Nights were spent on Zoom with friends all over the world, breaking down the barriers of time zones and geography.

2020 has taught me what is important and worth keeping in my life. I’m thankful for time. I have had more thinking space - I’m much more aware of the real calendar of life rather than being dictated by the ‘Jersey’ calendar. Personally, I like the new normal!