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Blair Talibard


What’s my perspective of 2020?

Lockdown began with the fear of what was to come People panic buying lots and lots of toilet rolls
Was that because they were sh*ting themselves?

Two hours of exercise allowed, road checks,
lockdown, an Honorary Policeman’s wet dream
“You’re well out of your parish - how long have you been out?”

You can not only find a site
you can build a whole hospital
in a few of weeks, then listen to grumbling “HOW MUCH?” You can’t put a price on your HEALTH sheg!

The whole island appeared to be paddle boarding Maybe to escape to Guernsey for Vale Earth Fair
Yes that’s how desperate people are for some live music.

Driving past the Splash on a gorgeous sun filled evening knowing it should be full of people
shut and empty

A cycle to Archirondel took me back in time Jersey a joy
roads with no cars

Shopping, a pleasure buying fish off fisherman scallops again for tea veggies from a farm stall

Leaving others to join off the scale supermarket queues

The sky looks nice with no plane trails
I thought about all the times
I had booked a flight last minute to get away

And the sun came out after the second wettest winter on records the pubs opened and the fraggle rock came back to life.